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What is the hardest thing to answer?

“So, tell us about yourself…”

How do you compress many decades of what make up YOU into bite-sized, palatble pieces? I could say that I live on a ranch, have one horses, two cats, and someone that I REALLY love and adore and, luckily, loves and adores me.

I write code, I write stories, I’ve written articles on fashion and on gaming. But none of this tells you about me.

I like jokes. I don’t remember them, but I really like them. One of my favorites has the punchline “and out in the crowd of student’s the professor heard ‘as if!'” – unfortunately I can’t remember the setup. But it was really funny and if I could remember it you would be really, really laughing.

If I had ten life-times I don’t think I could ever accomplish what I want to and never accomplish what I think I should. Too many interests, too little time?

So if I appear scattered brained at times, it’s not that I’m not paying attention, it’s because I’m really pretty scatter brained.

Hmmm… Will this be graded on a curve?


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