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Why I promised, NO REALLY, never to write a GUI API and why I’m breaking that promise

I have a love/hate relationship with Linux. I love many aspects about it. In the same way I hate many aspects about it.

Then came along Swift.

Swift is a gorgeous language. I think I could spend 20 years on learning it and still find surprises. It is like the tiny Christmas present that keeps giving and giving and giving.

The perfect lover.

Okay, maybe not that far, but if it was human it would be the perfect lover.

Many years ago I wrote a GUI API back when there were no GUI API’s. Now, of course, you can’t toss a rock without hitting one (sorry!). But here is the thing – they are all going to do it wrong. Not mildly wrong, but wrong wrong.

So, I’ve decided, along with a friend, that if there is going to be so much wrongness, we might as well toss in a little write… er, I mean, right.

We are building, “from the ground up”, an API for Linux. Which will also run on Mac OS and Windows (just so we can yell “trifecta!”… you don’t get to yell that often and it is fun word to say… come on, say it. SAY IT!)

We’re calling it Mobu which is the name of a dead, extinct bird. Instead of NSclass or UIclass it will be MMclass. Unless we decide on something else. I suggested emoticons, but my partner said that :)View would just annoy people.

I think it’s cute.

UPDATE: Partner did research and he says, “NO! Not Mobu. It will be Iken.”

Okay, then.


About Catalina Feloneous

Catalina Feloneous (“Call me Cat”) has been writing code for decades. She is very much into justice, software, fashion, humor, and games. She always plays games on Super Easy, much to dismay of her friends. She lives on a wildlife refuge in Texas with her partner and two horses. “Feloneous” is misspelled intentionally.

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